Up until recent years, Black Friday, (29th November) meant Black Friday. A one-day shopping bonanza that marked the start of a marathon holiday shopping season. 

Fast forward and Black Friday has transformed into a full Cyber Weekend, a 4-day e-commerce opportunity culminating in Cyber Monday. In the US in 2018, Cyber Weekend generated over $16bn in sales, up by 33% from 2017. 91% and 81% of UK and US retailers respectively have participated in Black Friday promotions.

Vidsy is on hand to help take full advantage of this huge opportunity, to create ads that cut through the noise.


Success isn't a straight line

There’s a lot of platform-specific direction for how to ‘win’ Black Friday, which can make content planning overwhelming. Auction based platforms become more competitive as spends increase to capture shoppers’ dollars. Therefore, brands need a broad range of digital assets to avoid ad fatigue and allow for multiple discount messages to run in parallel.

Vidsy provides a platform-agnostic approach to streamline best practice and ensure all assets work as hard as possible thanks to our creative exploration focussed process.

Apply our extensive knowledge of video advertising across social to ensure your Black Friday/ Cyber Monday campaigns get the cut through and results your brand is aiming for.

Test Learn.png

It’s time to test and learn

Multiple assets also mean multiple opportunities to test and learn what works for your brand. Reaching your audience with a one size fits all creative asset is very unlikely.

Thankfully, in the digital world, real-time data provides actionable insight very quickly. Within hours, advertisers can understand which of their assets are performing the best and optimize towards the highest performer. This approach ultimately ensures ad spend is maximised to make the most of the short, but potentially exceptionally high yielding 4-day Cyber Weekend window of opportunity.


It’s now or never!

If you’re in the market of selling products/services and you’re not planning for this, rest assured you’re being left behind by your competition. No cyber strategy means no cyber success as you’re lost in the masses of 50% of emails that litter inboxes in a last-ditch attempt to get a slice of the shopping cart.

So what are you waiting for?  Maximise your chances of success now.

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