Vidsy + WOOGA #Hideandseek


During this campaign you supported 10 UK creators.

For this project your scope allows for 10 pieces of content. 

If you have any questions about the content or issues logging in please contact

The Creative Articulation

Both Pearl's Peril and June's Journey are captivating hidden objects games. We encouraged creators to select the assets of their choosing to demonstrate the core mechanics of the game and showcase the twisting stories within. 

The videos all 20 seconds or less, aim to drive new users and downloads of the games. 


  • All videos are optimised 16:9.
  • Following selection content will be repurposed 9:16 using 2:3 as a safe space for copy. 
  • Following selection a second set will also be created with the CTA button. 


  • Fit for audience
    These pieces have a consistent speed and easy to watch pace to ensure they give time to allow the audience to understand the game. 
  • Mindset matching
    We have proposed copy to tap into the June and Pearl mindsets. With June we take a more immersive, mystery approach. For June, messaging is framed towards adventure and exploring. 
  • Story lead
    Where we had the video story asset and cut scenes for June's Journey, some videos are focused more towards telling that story of mystery. 
  • Game play focus
    Across both games are video which show of the game play hidden object mechanic in different ways. 

June's Journey

Below is a link for the 11 pieces created for this campaign. 

Pearl's Peril

Below is a link for the 9 pieces created for this campaign. 

If you have any questions about the content or issues logging in please contact