Vodafone wanted to drive continual brand awareness and uplift around it’s new consumer product ’30 Day Network Satisfaction Guarantee’.

Vodafone’s aim was to complement core campaign assets on TV and OOH by creating streams of mobile optimised video to bring their campaign story to life across Facebook and other social platforms.


In just 2 weeks, 30 Vidsy creators produced a bank of over 75+ original videos all optimised for mobile and social viewing. This provided Vodafone with multiple creative variations around the campaign, all of which adhered to their visual identity and brand guidelines. 

The scale of content enabled Vodafone to launch a video-first, always-on content strategy, keeping target audiences engaged with fresh streams of video over the campaign period.

Data-Led Creative

Using video insights and data from previous ad performance Vidsy adapted the creator briefing process to optimise for Vodafone’s brand and audience. Vidsy’s platform continues to adapt and iterate creative frameworks based on real data and insights for a brand over time. 


Through Vidsy Vodafone was able to produce original video at scale, quicker and more cost-effectively than their traditional production models. Videos not only outperformed all benchmarks for video creative on social and mobile platforms, but also drove an increase in video views, reach and increased their return on ad spend.

  • 5x reduction in video production times
  • 134% increase in engagement rates vs traditional campaign
  • 114% increase in completion rates vs traditional campaign
  • 80% increase in video views vs traditional campaign