With the launch of the Samsung S7 and Gear VR to be one of the biggest releases within the mobile and tech calendar, Vodafone's aim was to put video first, creating streams of short-form video to engage their target audiences throughout the product launch. 

Throughout the launch period Vodafone’s goal was to maximise brand relevance and awareness to drive pre-orders and orders of the selected Samsung products in-store and online.


Via the Vidsy platform 20 Vidsy creators were activated to produce a range of inspiring videos that focussed on showcasing the exciting new core features of both the S7 handset and GearVR. 

In just 2 weeks, over 65+ original videos were produced, showcasing a diverse range of stories that all featured the Samsung products and adhered to Vodafone’s visual identity and brand guidelines. 

Greater Creative Depth

A diverse range of creator demographics and styles were included to provide greater creative depth within the campaign and ensure multiple perspectives could be achieved around both products. This enabled Vodafone to target and appeal to multiple audiences across various social channels. 

Always On Video

With a bank of video content, Vodafone was able to drive an always-on content strategy during the launch, re-targeting audiences and constantly updating them throughout the product release with fresh video content. Vodafone were able to connect with their audiences to drive consistent and relevant conversations via short form video. 


By combining Vidsy’s scale of video creation with Facebook’s targeting capabilities, the always-on strategy delivered significant improvements in video engagement and view rates, while driving an increased return on ad spend. 

  • 5x reduction in video production times
  • 93% increase in engagement rates vs traditional campaign
  • 108% increase in video views vs traditional campaign
  • 46% increase in reach on social channels vs traditional campaign