Creative Payments

30 X £250 on completion

PLUS £4,000 in bonuses for top creators

Teaser Brief

Everyone loves a good cheeky celebration, whether it be your team winning the premier league, Queen B dropping her latest track or bae texting you back that she’s down for 'netflix and chill' 😊

With Vodafone we want to see these moments of fun celebration all in short videos under 10 seconds in length.

We're looking for 30 creators who will each receive £250 for this brief. We've also got £4000 in Creative Bonuses for the best content. Think of it as a payment for your time and a bonus for the best content 👌

This is your chance to show off your creative talents. Sign up below and let us know why you’d be perfect for this challenge 👇

Oh no too slow! No celebrations for you today 😞 

Here is where your sign up form would have been if you were just that little bit faster. Make sure you sign up right away next time so you can celebrate to your hearts content.

If you've got any questions then feel free to shoot me an email at