20 X £200
(on completion)

5 x £200
(Bonus for top creators)

The Challenge - 18th May Deadline

Father's Day is coming up and Dove are looking for fun and relatable vids sharing some funny moments with our Dads or about them.

This one's a bit different from the usual Vidsy affair! We're turning the style over to our good friends at buzzfeed and going a bit more interview-ey!

The main thing to remember is that we're looking for videos with you and your Dad. If you can't make that happen get in contact and we'll work something out.

Questions? Need any help? or 07979 527 865


  • 1 x 30" cut of your favourite moment
  • Your complete interview rushes (raw footage)

Any issues with this - just let us know 👌

Inspiration Videos

You'll notice a good bit of cheeky banter in the videos below. If your content feels fun, energetic and contains a lot of laughter then you're doing well!


To keep things simple for you, we've come up with a few topics to talk about. You can talk about these things in whatever order you want but make sure you cover each one. 

How much time you spend on each one is up to you as you’ll know which ones you guys are having more fun with!

  • Dad saves the day - what does your Dad still do for you that really you should have mastered yourself? Maybe you still ring him when you’ve got a puncture or bring all your washing home on the weekend. 
  • How Did Your Parents Meet? - was it love at first sight or is there some awkward chasing that occurred! Ha
  • Dad Definitions - Think 'bae, netflix and chill, squad goals, lit, emojis, tickets to the gun show, selfies, kimye, etc.', let’s see what your Dad thinks they mean! 😝
  • School Time - Time to get soppy, does your Dad remember when he dropped you off at school or university, did you want them to drop you round the corner or were you keen to hold onto your home comforts?
  • GF/BF - How did your Dad react to your first girlfriend or boyfriend? What did they think of them 😳
  • 5 Things You Wish Your Dad Would Stop - Is it the way he refers to all your friends as ‘your buds’, how he always tries to interfere with your selfies, or maybe how he always attempts to act cool around your mates! 
  • Harder In My Day - What does your Dad think that we’ve got too easy now, is he right? Bet getting a driving license was easier in his day!
  • Wildcard - This one’s up to you. You should hopefully know your Dad better than us so it would be great to know what you guys want to talk about. Maybe you know something that will crack up your Dad or you have a task for them to do. This is your chance to control the conversation 👌

What to do

We're looking for simple interview setups. You'll know what will work best within your own space but if you need some tips then check out how we'd approach it below:

  • Cameras ready - Whack your camera on a tripod, or put it somewhere where it won’t jump about. Two cameras would be ideal so you can make sure you have two angles to cut between.
  • Get high - I’m talking about resolution 😎 , 1080p or 4k would be brill, allowing you to crop in if you need 👌
  • Get comfortable - you're going to be in front of the camera for a while with your subject so make sure you’re in a relaxed position so you don’t end up shifting around too much! 
  • Chillax Bro - The more fun you have on camera the more fun we’ll have watching.
  • Keep it on point - We’ve come up with some tasks/questions with Dove and these are the ones that we need you to focus on. If you start heading off on a tangent then bring it back quick! 
  • Keep your footage - As this one is a bit different we’ll need you to submit your full interview so, with Dove, we can pick which bits to showcase.

Tech Specs

  • 1920 x 1080, 25p, h.264, mp4
  • At least 15,000kbps Bit Rate and 256 kbps for audio
  • 16:9 videos (rectangle)
  • 1 x 30” cut and your rushes (raw interview)

Quick Tips

1. Give us it all

Make sure you send us everything so we can make any extra edits if needs be. We’re saving you work! Ha


2. Keep it clean both senses, make sure the background to your video is clean and doesn’t distract the viewer.

No swearing or risqué topics either!

3. Mix it up

Grab some props if you think it would help you, maybe you’ve got some awfully good kids pictures or some crackers of your Dad when he was your age. Show them off!

4. Enjoy yourself

Make sure you have some fun! We want to see you guys sharing some fun stories and having a good time with your Dad!


  • We need a 30” cut of your fave moment + your whole interview
  • You don’t need to plan everything, keep it spontaneous!
  • All content should be your own, don’t be taking videos off google now…(Yours are probably better anyway) 
  • Performer releases should be signed by all people featured in the content - make sure your Dad knows what you are upto! Ha 
  • Keep your content confidential until Dove decides to post it 
  • All content should be created by yourself and be royalty free
  • I'm here if you need any help - & 07979 527 865

This challenge is subject to Vidsy terms & privacy policy