The Wonder bells ballet


During this campaign you supported 12 creators.

The Creative Articulation

For this brief we wanted to bring The Wonder Bells Ballet to life on social, to capture the imagination of consumers this Christmas and drive conversions for the Viktor&Rolf range.

There are assets that focus on each of the fragrances, the gift sets, and the Christmas campaign as a whole.

Social Elements

Below you'll see some examples of how we've ensured that the content fits with social:

🎉 Contextual Relevancy 🎉- Using the elegant and whimsical elements from the TVC ensures relevant messaging, to drive brand awareness and product affinity. 

⭐️ Attention Grabbing ⭐️-  Grabbing the attention of the viewer can be tough on social so we're focused on ramping up the energy from the get-go, and ensuring that there's lots of things to entertain throughout.

 👑 Product and Branding 👑 We've ensured Viktor&Rolf branding is clearly identifiable throughout each video, whilst also making sure we land the product early on. 

🔇 Sound Off 🔇- Content can be understood with sound off and delights with sound on.

🔍 Product Variation 🔍  Across the videos there are some that focus on the Flowerbomb, Bonbon and Spicebomb fragrances, as well as the institutional and luxury gift sets. This makes the content perfect for testing to see what resonates with consumers and drives the most conversions.

The Content

Below you will see 12 videos, from which you can select a total of 5 to license.

Please Note: When referencing videos please use the code found above the video (E.g. SSG_0505)

If you have any questions about the content please contact