Vidsy + Vichy


Below you will find the execution from Vichy Campaign. 



30 Skilled Creators

56 Videos Produced

3 Week



When working with Vidsy your selected content is always available for use and the content that was not licensed is stored within our platform ready to use at a later date. 

From simplifying video production workflows to optimising creative performance for mobile and social, Vidsy helps you work smarter and faster.


Video Context


Each video we created for Vichy was produced with the ability to use it in a variety of situations and draw the viewer to a number of different articles from La Vichy Mag. The examples below illustrate this. 



Leading audiences through to articles such as:

5 Tips to look bright-eyed in spite of a lack of sleep


Peau fatiguée : 4 conseils pour avoir l’air plus jeune


Vidéo : oui, mal dormir joue sur le poids



Leading audiences through to articles such as:

Food : 4 beneficial habits for beauty


It’s the weekend: take time for you and your skin


3 tips to energize your beauty after 50




Facebook Carousel


Video created through the Vidsy platform can work in a number of formats on social and mobile. We work with brands and agencies to utilise video in new ways and develop interesting stories through new media formats.

Click on the Facebook Carousel example below to see a live demo within your newsfeed so you can experience exactly how a consumer would be able to engage, interact and experience the content. 

N.B. make sure you try it on a mobile device too


Click the image above to see an example in your FB feed. 





We are also able to create video in a variety of different formats to suit multiple social channels. This allows you to test video but also optimise it based on the platform it is being used on. 

Below are three examples of different pieces of videos optimised for different formats.