It's always a nightmare when things don't go to plan.

We've designed our uploader to be as simple as can be but if you need some help...

STEP 1 - Drag and Drop your video

  • To start off, we need to know what you're trying to upload! Simply drag and drop your video, or click the upload box and select a file. 

STEP 2 - Select the Brief

  • Now we need to know what brief your video is for! Click the green arrow and open up the dropdown box. Now, select the right brief - simple!

STEP 3 - Add caption

    • Add your caption - Captions give context and make your videos 10x better! This is your chance to show us what context you wanted to bring to the video. 
    • Finally, click the 'Submit' button to upload. Make sure you keep the window open until your video has fully uploaded.

    Note: You can only upload 1 video each time, when your first video has uploaded you can click “add another video” afterwards.

    I Got an Error...

    If you get an error message this is probably because the file type you are uploading is not accepted or too big. Your video file should be:

    • 25 frames per second
    • 1080p HD
    • A minimum of 15,000kpbs bit rate
    • h.264 , MP4

    If you have any problems with uploading you can talk to us directly through the website (check out message button in the bottom right) or simply email upload@vidsy.co, bare in mind we love a bit of bantz 😁

    STEP 3 - Complete

    • Success, your video has been submitted! 
    • If your done then click the ‘Finish’ Button. If you want to submit another video then just click the ‘Add Another Video’ Button.

    STEP 4 - RELAX 

    Sit back and relax knowing your video has made it to Vidsy HQ!

    While you’re at it why keep your eyes peeled for our latest challenges or stay up to date with the latest gossip on the Vidsy Blog.