Simple's goal was to spread the news around their new and improved facial wipes. They wanted to do something that would relate to their audiences, instead of a typical product demo video. 

The aim was to showcase the new product improvements through various ‘thumb stopping’ videos to create a series of contextually relevant stories that would engage their audiences on mobile and social platforms. 


25 video creators from Vidsy’s beauty & style community were engaged to produce a range of how-to and lifestyle videos around Simple’s new facial wipes. 

In just 2 weeks, a bank of 50+ original videos were produced to develop a range of stories around the product in multiple visual and ad formats.

Creative Diversity

With a diverse range of creators activated Vidsy enabled Simple to produce a range of videos that all shared Simple’s brand identity, but had their own unique perspectives and stories, providing diversity within the creative and videos that would appeal to different audiences.

Contextually Relevant Moments

The diverse bank of video enabled Simple to create a range of contextually relevant stories around makeup removal and also around moments such as pre and post gym time. Content was targeted and distributed to the relevant audiences at specific times during the day. 

Simple made use of multiple styles and formats with video adapted to playful GIFS, Short-form videos and a hero supercut which was distributed across a range of social and display channels.


Videos were analysed to adapt and optimise creative for further product launches across social. Short form video and GIF Formats performed best on Facebook.

  • 117% goal increase in unique reach
  • 77% of target audience reached
  • Video outperformed TVC asset view rates on mobile and digital channels