The Challenge

Talon Outdoor were looking for videos that would make people 'Wake Up' to new media trends! Creators submitted 6 second videos all on the theme 'wake up'. The top 20 creators had their content featured on a digital billboard in London!



Vidsy Picks

Have you 'woken up' to new media yet? Let us explain over some coffee...

Can you hear us loud and clear?! #WakeUp to new media now!

The day you #WakeUp to new media...

We're doing everything we can to get people to #WakeUp to new media!

You'll be company king when you help your business #WakeUp to new media!

We're leading the way into the future of media. #WakeUp and join us!

Ring ring... It's time to #WakeUp to new media!

Bacon makes everything better... Unless it's waking you up! #WakeUp