Vidsy + SuperCity


During this campaign you supported 14 UK creators who created to 16 pieces of content. 

If you have any questions about the content or issues please contact

Content approach: 

For this brief we are looking to activate new users and get them to download SuperCity.

We wanted to ensure that the style was consistent across all of the content and all copy is subject to change pending your approval. 

All assets are currently formatted for Snapchat and IG stories with the main aim to draw the attention of the viewer towards the CTA at the bottom of the screen. After selection we will reformat the content for FB and IG in-feed (1:1).


Bright colourful and fast paced. We've used the best practice of getting to the point quickly and smoothly. 

We wanted the videos to be visually stimulating but also exciting for the intended viewership. 


  • Questions - Quizzing the viewer on how they'd build their city to encourage them to download
  • Progression - Gamers love to invest time into their games. The progression content shows them that this is a game that will grow with them
  • Variety - There are so many different ways to build your city 
  • Cinemagraphs - Videos with small amounts of movement to get message across quickly

Social elements: 

  • Fast paced messaging
  • Constant movement
  • Brand colours and font throughout content
  • Swipe up elements drawing attention to the CTA
  • Some content containing always on messages

If you have any questions about the content or issues please contact