Vidsy + Shell


During this campaign you supported 9 UK creators who created to 15 pieces of content. 

If you have any questions about the content or issues please contact

Content approach: 

We looked at what you’d done originally, already much more advanced than some other clients. 

We even came up with similar ideas to you guys so it’s good to see that we were on the same track! 

What we therefore wanted to explore is the different ways we could use the assets to get people to interact and engage with the content with the aim to help you influence your content strategy going forward for the rest of the year. 


One thing that we’ve seen work well on social is the use of humour especially when trying to get an interaction from the viewers.

In several of the examples we’ve been a little tongue-in-cheek with the execution to fit in with the sharing + engaging nature of social. 


  • Straight interview with new branding
  • Missing word
  • Reverse jargon buster
  • Funny interviews
  • Celebration GIFs

Social elements: 

  • Posing questions - comment below
  • Poll options - what’s the answer
  • Reaction options - native to FB