Empowering creators to redefine video for a mobile and social generation

Vidsy is a community of brilliantly creative, innovative and forward thinking video creators. A creative powerhouse backed by technology and data producing video seen on mobile devices around the world.

Today brands have only seconds to engage us online, they must create video for different audiences, different markets, multiple platforms and do this everyday! On the other hand technology has empowered a new generation of creators to produce amazing content; they just lack the networks and opportunities to get recognised.

So at Vidsy we’ve developed a model that will enable brands to collaborate with creators around the world to produce the future of mobile video and brand content.

Vidsy is empowering a new generation of creators with opportunities, credibility and income. Through our innovative platform, creative challenges and data-based feedback, we're helping creators realise their full potential.

Together we will become a global creative and media powerhouse.

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Vidsy is a leader in short form video for a mobile first generation. We partner with Brands to help them redefine what it means to create branded video content. Brand partner's can harness the power of our creators and technology to produce authentic and engaging video that will truly speak to their audiences. 

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