During this campaign you supported 17 UK creators.

For this brief you are able to license 6 pieces of content.

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Creative Direction

The purpose of this brief is to drive awareness of the new update, its innovative features and prompt current users to upgrade and use the app again.  

The creative is fun, light hearted and friendly to appeal to the wide breadth of Santander customers both young and old. We want to prompt current users to re-engage with their mobile app by showcasing it's improved design and security features.

The content is both personable and charming throughout with a strong emphasis on just how good it feels when life is made easier through a satisfyingly simple solution. 


Overlays help promote stronger brand recognition and story.

Each overlay will contain a bespoke message for the video selected  helps the viewer clearly understand the app's new features.

Below we have highlighted a few styles that we have explored. 


  • Content for your campaign will be optimised 1:1 for use on Facebook and Instagram.
  • 6 videos to be selected for final delivery. 

Our approach

  • Upgrade your banking: In these pieces creators focus on that feeling when frustration makes way to a satisfyingly simple solution.
  • 'You spoke, we listened': Using this bold claim as a starting point, our creators visualise the app's features in fun ways with overlays highlighting Santander's commitment to improving it's customers experience. 
  • Visual features: Creators showcase new features (e.g notifications) found in the app through relatable moments everyone's experienced. 

The Content

We have 17 pieces for you to choose from. If you're curious to see our favourites, we've also suggested our favourite 6

If you have any questions about the content or issues logging in please contact