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During this campaign you supported the next generation advertising and video makers. 

Below we have shared some of our suggestions for executions.

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Re-capping the brief 

For this brief we partnered with Ravensbourne University's Creative Advertising students. Tying into the new environmental campaign starring Sir David Attenborough, we take core message and bring it to life in video formats. The objective of this campaign is to  encourage a young millennial audience to visit Richmond Park. 

The videos needs to be motivating and aspirational to show people the beautiful reserve which is just a stone's throw from central London. We have used a curious and exploratory approach to the content to tap into the wanderlust mind set of millennials, being wary not to be preachy or too overt with conservation we bring the message in through overlays and captions. 

Thinking Social:  

Social videos are very different form long form content or TV ads. When making social video ads we have 4 core principals to create the best and most engaging content... 

  • Keep it short!: You only have 3 seconds to capture the audience so make it count, every shot counts, especially first impressions. 

  • Think of the videos in context: Don't overload social content, use captions and overlays to deliver one clear message. Use questions and emotions to help drive engagement.

  • Format for viewing: Make sure the content is optimised for platform formats e.g. for Facebook 1:1 or 4:5. 

  • Sound off success: 70% of Facebook content is viewed without sound, make sure the message comes without without audio or use subtitles. 

Facebook Ad Mock-ups

Click the images to see the ad mock up on Facebook and view them on mobile 📱


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