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During this campaign you supported 28 UK creators.

The Creative Articulation

For this brief we covered a number of different executions all focused around bringing new users to the Pingit app. 

Across the content there are 20 videos available to license and these can be taken from any of the 30 videos being presented below.

The videos are split into the following categories: 

  • Group payments - people working together to build a pool of money to buy something big! 
  • Peer to peer - sending money to friends and loved ones for varying bits and bobs. 
  • Five for five - when you invite a friend to Pingit and they sign up you both get £5. 


We've come up with a variety of different overlay concepts to help convey the different messages across the content. Each overlay concept can be adjusted or added to another piece of content. 

From the overlays referenced below we're keen to understand which work from a branding/messaging POV. 

UPDATE: All these overlays have been updated based on feedback from Jaap, last update 14/08/18

Overlay 1 - Group Payments. Great at feeling native to the platform and attention is with the message with the visuals being secondary. 

Overlay 2 - Group Payments. Emulating the summer trip we're all dreaming of and how simple it is to get everyone to contribute with a link

Overlay 3 - Five for five. Visually showing the £5 you can earn from each person whilst also counting up the total rewards. 

Overlay 4 - Five for five. With a puff of smoke your friend is invited and you both earn £5 as a reward! 

Overlay 5 - Peer to peer. Showing the sending flick up to the receiver. 

Overlay 6 - Peer to peer. Emotion lead showing a reason to need to pay someone back before showing how easy it is with Pingit

Overlay 7 - Peer to peer. Highlighting the different places and things you need to pay someone back for. 

Overlay 8 - Peer to peer. In this overlay we can emulate getting a frustrating text from a friend requesting the archaic bank details. Closes with a big bold endslate. 

The content

We've split off the showreels into 3 different categories focusing on the different themes we were keen to explore with this brief. 

Peer to Peer

Sending money to a friend is a breeze with Pingit and with this content we wanted to play around on how you can quickly showcase the transition of cash from one person to another. 

Group Payments

Messaging groups are all the rage right now. From colleagues to flatmates to sports teams there are always group chats flying around. With this comes the options for getting cash together to pay for something big, whilst the idea is great the execution can often be frustrating so with this content we aim to show how easy it can be with Pingit. 

Five For Five

Whilst Pingit is a great service for those that already have it there is now an even better incentive for getting people involved! For each user that signs up you'll get £5 and they'll get £5. In this content we aim to show visually how the simple act of inviting a friend can reward with money to spend! 

Best Pracices

Below you'll see some examples of how we've ensured that the content fits within the stories space (FB/IG/Snap): 

✏️Messaging ✏️ - We've put together a variety of messages/stories across the content to captivate and relate to the audience

🏃Pacing 🏃- Grabbing the attention of the viewer can be tough on social so we're focused on ramping up the energy to ensure that there's lots of things to entertain and build intrigue right from the off 

🔇Sound Off 🔇- Content can all be understood with sound off and delights with sound on

📈Creative Variance 📈- Each piece is unique meaning it's perfect for testing to understand what is engaging with consumers to influence future content

📱Self Contained Content 📱 - With story ads there is no caption and no other context that you can bring so we have to ensure that we can get the whole message across in a simple and efficient manner. The key is to not overcrowding the content!

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