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The Brief

You may have heard of Pingit before, but did you know you can use it to send money abroad with no fees?! #NoWay #YesWay

These vids are all about spreading the word about Pingit international payments in a fun and vibrant way. So get your thinking caps on because this one requires a bit of out of the box thinking 🤔  

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Got any questions? Talk to me! // 07749933400


Key Points

  • Don't feature Barclays
  • Only use ££ or €€ (No $$)
  • Avoid showing any brands logos - especially phones!
  • For music, grab a suitable track from our partners Jukedeck

What to Do

For this brief we're showcasing how easy it is to send money abroad by comparing sending money with Pingit with some of the more outlandish and wild ways that you could try and do it!

If you're not an avid Pingit user yet (who even are you?! 😜 ) you can download the app to your phone here - you won't need to show the app in the vids but you should give it a go to see what it's all about!

You may know Pingit as part of Barclays but the app is open to non-Barclays customers so we're going equal opportunities here ✌️ That means, breaking ties with the association with Barclays so do not feature anything to do with the bank in your content. We want all the attention on Pingit!

The Vids

For this brief we will be creating split screen videos. The left hand side will be showing how easy, simple and fee free it is to send money with pingit whereas the right hand side will show how some whacky interpretations of other ways you could send money abroad.  

LHS - Left hand side

Firstly, we don't want to see how the app works, instead it's about showing how quickly and easily the payment is done. Think a few swipes then relaxing into a sofa, a quick click and back to football kick ups or a final touch before you're back to relaxing in the garden. ☀️🏡😎

Focus on the emotion and action of the person using the app, it's about showing how easy and carefree it is to send money with just a few swipes of the finger. #Dream.

RHS - Right Hand Side

We want you to get inventive to show the dire alternatives to using Pingit 😫 . We're after super playful, over the top and creative!

Think carrier pigeons 🕊 , bank notes in bottles 🌊 , paper aeroplanes 💸 and epic journeys! 🏃 🚣🏼 🏇🏊✈️ 

Don't be afraid to go over the top and a little crazy, in fact, that's exactly what we're asking for - crazy, stressed, over the top, hilarious and adventurous!


Think fun, OTT, playful, funny and creative.

Quick Tips


1. Be Creative!

You could show anything from drones to camels to kayaks, we don't care how you do it just make it as fun and bizarre as possible!


2. Forget Barclays

This is about Pingit... Not Barclays. Avoid Barclays blue and definitely don't feature the bank (or others 🙊!)


3. No Brand Logos

We can't show any brands on this one - especially not phone brands, so put a cover on it or hold that mobile tactfully 😉 

4. Think about that split screen

Work out how you can use the two sides to your advantage! 


  • Avoid any text overlays or funky transitions
  • Hold on to your raw footage incase we need it at Vidsy HQ
  • For music, use our partners Jukedeck.
  • Anyone who is featured in your vids (even if it's you!) needs to sign the performer release below 👇

If you have any questions, you can talk to me! // 07749933400

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