Vidsy Pingit


During this campaign you supported 30 🇬🇧  creators who created 60 pieces of content.

Here is a link to the complete content showcase. Below, we have also shared our suggested formats for using the content. 


N.B. We recommend previewing the Facebook content below on a mobile device

Story Carousel

Using a Facebook carousel, we can draw the viewers into engaging with the content by swiping through the vignettes. The first video attracts attention with a fun story, communicating the message that Pingit is the best way of sending money abroad, while the second drives viewers to install the app.

Benefits include: Audience Interaction, Mobile First Optimised, Increased Connection Through Storytelling


Click the image above to see an example of the ad in your Facebook feed. 


Distribution Example

Below we have highlighted one example of a distribution strategy. 

By sequencing a set of video ads we can increase recognition for the Pingit message and retarget viewers who have showed some interest already. By pushing them subsequent ads in the same series we can refresh their memory and push them more directly to install.

The ads would be retargeted based on engagement with the content. For example, everyone that watches to 95% of video 1 will be pushed the next video or everyone that clicked will see the video encoraging them to get the app. 

Benefits include: Always On Approach, Engaging Format, Mobile Optimised


Click either of the images above to see an example of the ad in your Facebook feed. 



In order to highlight the Pingit brand within the content as well as telling the stories side by side, we have come up with a couple of example formats for the videos to sit in, shown below

Square Content - Optimised for engagement, this format best show off the content in an eye catching way.

Landscape Content - With the benefit of adding extra context to the video, this format ensure maximum brand recognition throughout. 

Overlay - For followup videos we suggest using this overlay to tie the stories together and maintain brand recognition. 

Square Content

Landscape Content

Overlay Example

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