Vidsy + Henkel



During this campaign you supported 9 UK creators.

The Creative Articulation

For this campaign we wanted to create content that really grabbed the attention of the viewer on social and get them to engage more with the Persil brand and learn more about the upgraded product. 

Videos are aimed at different audiences with some focusing more on food, more on holiday or a mixture of the two. 

Social Elements

Below you'll see some examples of how we've ensured that the content fits with social:

😜Playfulness 😜- Some assets are more playful than others using fun graphics, quick cuts and messy montages to grab the attention of the viewer.

🔇Sound Off 🔇- Content can all be understood with sound off and delights with sound on.

✅Single Focus - Using clear messaging we've ensured that the consumer gets the core proposition of the updated product.

💪Story vs. Message 💪- We've brought in the existing footage in different ways presenting new stories and ways of telling the Persil narrative. 

📈Creative Variance 📈- Each piece approaches the creative in a slightly different way. These variations allow us to test the different pieces of content to learn from the audience. 

The Content

Within the showreel below you'll find 9 videos to look through. 

From this we are looking to select 3 which will then be formatted for the different placements.

When referencing videos please use the code (E.g. EBQ_9383)

If you have any questions about the content or issues logging in please contact