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4 videos

Creative Payments

20 x £250 on completion

PLUS £1,000 in bonuses for top creators 👌

The Challenge - Deadline Tue 20th Sept

Say hello to the Murad brief and bye-bye to blemishes! 👋 

This one is all about the dream solution for problem skin, getting rid of blemishes and achieving a flawless complexion 😍

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Got any questions? Talk to me! // 07979527865


Key Points

  • 2 x 15" Vids
  • 1 x 6" Vid
  • 1 x Boomerang
  • Deadline: 20th September
  • Show the products as a set
  • Avoid showing any other brands
  • No fades to black or transitions
  • For music, grab a suitable track from our partners Jukedeck

What to Do

You need to show off these skin perfecting products at their best! Make use of anything you can to communicate the message that these products work wonders for spots and blemishes. This may mean faking it a little as we don’t have the time to wait for the full magical transformation! But remember, these products are all about good skin so make sure your try and keep your make-up on the natural side 🤗

These should feel fun and friendly, upbeat, showing off how chuffed you are with your new found blemish-free skin. 

The Vids

‼️ Important: These products come as a set rather than individuals, so wherever possible, make sure you’re showing all products even if you’re just focussing on one at a time ‼️

Video 1 - How-To

This video is a simple one, you need to show off how to use the products as a whole regime and how much you love them 😉

The products are meant for problem skin, so if you have blemishes or spots, then go ahead and sort those bad boys out!

If you are blessed with perfect skin (not jealous at all… 😂) then just use them on the vid as if have helped you achieve that dreamy complexion! (One thing to note though is that these products are pretty strong so if you do have great skin, don't use too much could do more harm than good 😲)

In the last few seconds of the vid, show off your flawless skin, and be a bit playful with the camera, a cheeky wink or a kiss would be perfect! Just remember that the products should work over a couple of weeks of use but as we don’t have that long to shoot, you might need to subtly fake it a little here 🙊

Video 2 - Showing off the product

By the end of this vid, we want the viewers to really remember the product, it’s all about getting that branding out there and having fun with it!

This could mean the product is in focus in the front of the shot while you’re cartwheeling around in the background, it could be doing a doing some playful shots to reveal the product or even adding some animations in there. It’s totally up to you! But, whatever it is, you must show the products clearly and be attention grabbing!

Video 3 - Point the finger

This vid is about encouraging people to click the facebook buttons surrounding the video. This only needs to be 6 seconds long and split into 2 sections. Pointing right (to scroll across on a carousel) and pointing to the bottom right (to click on the ‘Shop Now’ button). 

Make sure that you’re super smiley and playful with the camera and that your fingers are fully in frame the whole time - no cutting too tight! 🙅 

Video 4 - Boomerang!

This is a bit of a bonus video for you to have a bit of fun with! Incase you haven’t tried it already, Boomerang is an app that works with Instagram and creates fun looping gifs that play forward, then backwards again (hence the name 😉) 

Download the app and have a play around, the only requirement for this vid is that it shows the products in some way and is fun!

Inspiration Videos

Think playful, friendly, genuine and clean. 

Here are a couple of vids to set you on the right track for a fun tone and a clean look 👇

Quick Tips

1. Keep It Clean

We want all the attention to be on you here so make sure your background is clutter free and bright!


2. Make It Fun

The more fun you're having, the more fun we'll have watching you so don't be afraid to turn on the charm!

3. Keep Up The Pace!

Pace is really important in short videos, mix up your shots with close ups and different angles to keep it dynamic and interesting. 

4. Show Some Emotion

Give us a smile and keep if playful! Work that camera and show us how happy you are to have finally found these Murad products! 😍


  • Take extra care to make your vids clean and light.
  • Keep your background simple so as not to distract from the action.
  • Think about where you put your camera and where your eye line is looking.
  • Don't use any text overlays, transitions or fades - we can add any of that after if needs be!
  • All content should be your own (no stock footage or TayTay tunes!)
  • For music, grab a suitable track from our partners Jukedeck
  • Anyone who is featured in your vids (even if it's you!) needs to sign the performer release below 👇 Send this back when you upload your final vids.


  • 4 vids following the formats/themes set out above
  • Vid formats - MP4, 1920x1080p
  • Audio - License free, upbeat music

If you have any questions, you can talk to me! 07979527865

This challenge is subject to Vidsy terms & privacy policy