5 days

3rd Nov Start

£100 per day

Shoreditch 😎

Motion Graphics Opportunity

We're looking for 2-3 Rave students to work with Vidsy and The Guardian to create content that will be viewed by hundreds of thousands of people!

Your task will be to create exciting and interesting graphics around the upcoming US elections (don't worry we'll be coming up with the stories!). The style will be very much like what you would see on snapchat and we've added some examples below! 

When created, the content will be posted on social media by The Guardian to promote the most up-to-date articles. You'll be working for 5 days (@ £100 a day) alongside the Vidsy team, including two Ravensbourne grads, from our office in Shoreditch.

The project will begin around the 3rd November. Enter your details below by 25th October PM if you want to be considered.

N.B. You must be able to provide a laptop with Adobe CC

Here are some examples we previously created with The Guardian:

Click on the images to see an example of the content in your Facebook feed.


We're looking for 2-3 people for this exciting opportunity so make sure you show off your best work!

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We want to see your best and most exciting work.
We're looking for creative people! Show off your favourite project log with a bunch of concepts that you explored. Upload it to dropbox, drive, imgur, etc. and share a link below.

If you have any questions please email