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2 x 15 sec videos

Creative Payments

20 x £200 on completion

PLUS £1000 in bonuses for top creators 👌

The Challenge - Deadline 12th September

Welcome to the Yves brief!

It's a good’un and I can now reveal the revolutionary new product is… White Now Touch - an instant teeth whitening pen that is literally the new makeup for your smile!

Sounds a bit crazy, huh? But this is a fab product that’s going to do wonders for those nashers!

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Got any questions? Talk to me! // 07749933400


Key Points

  • 2 x 15" Vids
  • Deadline: 12th September
  • Think beauty and smiles 😄
  • Avoid showing any other brands
  • No fades to black or transitions
  • For music, grab a suitable track from our partners Jukedeck

What to Do

To get in the zone for this brief you need to think aspirational, picture the kind of fashionista / beauty blogger lifestyle that’s the all over Instagram and the envy of many! We’re trying to attract the trendy socialites who like to look gooood 💁 

An important thing to remember is that this product is ‘the next big thing in beauty’ and not oral care! Your shots still needs to be clean and bright of course, but also playful and in more of a beauty style.

Before you shoot your vids you need to get the product flowing well so give it a good shake and click it about 10 times, test it out and see how well its flowing and then wash it off and you're ready to shoot!

The Vids

Video 1 - How-To
This is a pretty crazy new product so you’re going to need to show people how it’s done. The 4 points you need to feature are:

  • Give that pen a shake, get playful with this!
  • Click, this is a fairly subtle action so make sure it’s obvious by holding the pen up close to camera or cropping in to show it close up, if you've already tested it out, 1 or 2 clicks should do it 😉
  • Apply the pen, really think about how you’re doing this and how it looks on camera! The idea should come across fairly easily without you having to fully reach into your mouth or pull too many toothy expressions! 😁 (see the inspo vid and how she applies it) 
  • Smile! Be happy and smiley and show off those nashers, a little laughter is great too but remember to keep it real ✌️

This vids should be shot in a beauty how-to style, think bedroom set up, where you would do your usual make-up, this is the finishing touch to your look 👄 But you don't need any overlays!

Video 2 - Lifestyle

The vid should be out and about, in your trendiest outfit, strutting your stuff and laughing along with friends. Really think about the story on this one, plan out your shots make sure the video flows and hold the interest of your audience.

You don’t necessarily need to use the product in this but make sure you include a shot of it at some point - picking it up on your way out or sitting in your make-up bag amongst your other products (but make sure it pulls the focus and no other brands are on show) 😉 

And of course, make sure you capture that pearly white smile!

Inspiration Videos

Think playful, friendly, genuine, premium, relatable and aspirational. 

Here are a couple of vids to kick-start your ideas and set the tone. The first vid is made by the brand and shows off the fun, beauty feel they're aiming for.

The second is from a previous brief showing off some lifestyle content - this time around feel free to feature your friends too and don't forget that product shot 😉

Quick Tips

1. Make It Trendy

Think about all the elements of your shots as if you were setting up a hot damn instagram shot. That means think about the little details 💅 


2. Make It Fun

This one’s about being young and fun and loving life, lots of smiles and laughter and you’re onto a winner

3. Keep Up The Pace!

Pace is really important in short videos, mix up your shots with close ups and different angles to keep it dynamic and interesting. This product is for gals on the go with busy social lives so set the scene through the momentum of the vids.

4. Make It Bright

We’re trying to show off those shiny white nashers so the lighter and brighter the vids, the brighter your smile will appear 😉


  • Take extra care to make your vids clean and light.
  • Keep your background simple so as not to distract from the action.
  • Think about where you put your camera and where your eye line is looking.
  • Don't use any text overlays, transitions or fades - we can add any of that after if needs be!
  • All content should be your own (no stock footage or TayTay tunes!)
  • For music, grab a suitable track from our partners Jukedeck
  • Anyone who is featured in your vids (even if it's you!) needs to sign the performer release below 👇 Send this back when you upload your final vids.


  • 2 x 15 seconds vids following the formats/themes set out above
  • Vid formats - MP4, 1920x1080p
  • Audio - License free, upbeat music

If you have any questions, you can talk to me! 07749933400

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