During this campaign you supported 10 creators.

The Creative Articulation

Working from the influencer assets we wanted to create a series of videos that help tell the story of both the SuperStay foundation and the Matte Ink Lipsticks.

We've split the videos between the two key campaign objectives, to drive awareness and push consideration. All influencers created a video for each. 

Social Elements

Below you'll see some examples of how we've ensured that the content fits with social:

πŸŽ‰ Contextual Relevancy πŸŽ‰- Playing with Maybelline's look and feel, each video incorporates pop art graphics to communicate the 'super powers' of this makeup.

⭐️ Attention Grabbing ⭐️- Grabbing the attention of the viewer can be tough on social so we're focused on ramping up the energy from the get-go, ensuring that there's lots of things to entertain.

 πŸ‘‘ Branding πŸ‘‘ We've ensured Maybelline branding is clearly identifiable from the off, across all videos.

πŸ’ƒ Hero the Influencers πŸ’ƒ - By heroing these beauty influencers, we amplify the feel of authority and authenticity in consumer social feeds.

πŸ”‡Sound Off πŸ”‡- Content can be understood with sound on or off, by incorporating subtitles and pull-quotes.

πŸ” Product Variation πŸ”  Our selection of videos ensures the SuperStay Foundation and Matte Ink Lipstick products are both represented.

The Content

Below you will see 10 videos, from which you can select a total of 6 to license.

The videos are currently between 15 and 20 secs in length. To fit the required deliverables for the awareness stage we can either take 2 videos and create 11 secs variants or you can select 6 different videos and we will cut down 2 of them to 11 secs for the different placements. 

If you have any questions about the content or issues logging in please contact