Vidsy + MAison margiela


During this campaign you supported 10 creators.

The Creative Articulation

There’s no such thing as normal - and this content is anything but ordinary.

To amplify the launch and help drive mass awareness of Maison Margiela’s new fragrance, My Mutiny, we’ve created a series of social-specific videos that push creative boundaries, while staying true to the original campaign content.

Social Elements

Below you'll see some examples of how we've ensured that the content fits with social:

🎉 Contextual Relevancy 🎉-  All of the videos preserve the campaign’s look and feel, as well as core messaging, such as ‘this is my mutiny’.

⭐️ Attention Grabbing ⭐️- Grabbing the attention of the viewer can be tough on social so we're focused on ramping up the energy from the get-go, ensuring that the pace keeps you involved until the very end.

👑 Branding 👑 - We've ensured Maison Margiela branding is clearly identifiable from the off, across all videos.

🔇Sound Off 🔇- Plug your headphones in, because they're amazing with sound. But they're just as strong with the audio off. 

🔍 Feature Variation 🔍  - Our selection of videos below ensures all aspects of the campaign deliverables are covered, from the Hero and Teaser, to a Tuberose-focus, Bottle-focus and Perfumer spotlight. 

💃 Leveraging the Assets 💃 - We’ve pushed the boundaries even further on a few videos by leveraging the cool influencer interview content. 

The Content

Below you will see 12 videos, from which you can select a total of 5 to license. We’ve ordered them as follows: Hero, Teaser, Tuberose, Bottle and Perfumer.

If you have any questions about the content or issues logging in please contact