Vidsy Lipton Recipe


During this campaign you supported 30 creators who created 40 pieces of content.

Here is a link to the complete content showcase. Below, we have also shared our suggested formats for using the content. 


N.B. We recommend previewing the Facebook content below on a mobile device

Recipe Carousel

Using a Facebook carousel, we can draw the viewers into engaging with the content by swiping through the frames. 

The first video shows the first ingredient - Lipton tea, ensuring brand recognition from the offset whilst also indicating that this carousel is a full recipe and you need to swipe to reveal the next step. 

By splitting the recipe off into the different frames we allow people to follow it through at their own pace and actively hold their engagement until the end result is revealed.

Benefits include: Audience Interaction, Mobile First Optimised, Increased Connection Through Storytelling


Click the image above to see an example of the carousel ad in your Facebook feed. 


N.B. The content on each slide will loop when shown on mobile

Distribution Strategy

Below we have highlighted one example of a distribution strategy. 

By sequencing a set of video ads we can increase recognition for the Lipton recipes and retarget viewers who have already engaged with the brand. By pushing them subsequent ads in the same series we can refresh their memory and push them towards further action.

For example, everyone that watches to 95% of video 1 will be pushed the next video. By pushing content in front of people multiple times we can push them down a funnel of engagement. The first video sparks their initial interest, the second acts as a reminder, the third plants the seed of purchase intent and so on and so forth.

Benefits include: Always On Approach, Engaging Format, Mobile Optimised


Click on the images above to see examples of the video ads in your Facebook feed.



In order to highlight the Lipton brand within the content as well as showing the ingredients, we have come up with a couple of example overlays and formats (fonts and copy required from Lipton for final versions).

While consistent overlays can set the videos up as a series, we would recommend testing content with different overlays to provide interesting and useful data about what works best with your audience.

Opening Slate Example: This can be used to ensure early brand recognition and highlight to the audience that all these recipes are a part of the same Lipton series.

Overlay Example 1: Adding an illustrated overlay alongside the text makes the videos really pop, feeling fun fresh and creative.

Overlay Example 2: Using bold colours and fast paced copy these overlays are eye catching and quickly recognisable. A simple cut that works very effectively with a range of videos, aligning them all into the same visual style.

Overlay Example 3: By subtly interacting the overlay and the video, we can add the context of the recipe whilst still highlighting the great content.

Opening Slate Example

Overlay Example 1

Overlay Example 2

Overlay Example 4

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