Vidsy + La Roche-Posay 


During this campaign you supported 18 UK creators.

For this project your scope allows for 5 pieces of content per product. 

If you have any questions about the content please contact

The Creative Articulation

For these campaigns our challenge was to take the existing assets from both Toleriane and Effeclar and turn into something that would grab the attention of the viewer and excel on social. 

Each piece is unique and offers a different execution 


  • Format: All videos are optimised 9:16 Portrait for Instagram Story placements. 1:1 variants will be formatted after selections have been made. 

Social Elements

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 16.34.30.png

The Content

We have 10 pieces for you to choose from for each product of which 5 can be licensed (for each product).

Running these as ads

To get the most from your content we have 3 golden tips to gain maximum learnings from your video strategy. 

  1. You need the shortfalls to learn the peaks: We believe in running a number of creatives with different approach to test what works.
  2. Parts of a whole: The video itself is just part of the whole ad unit which the audience will see. Use every part of your ad format to drive the objective of the content, e.g. the right call to action.
  3. Cross learning: Within this set we have a range of creative approaches. By running all 5 ads we can analysing the results we can drill down into the different elements driving success. 

If you have any questions about the content please contact