The Challenge

To kick off our exciting new 'How To & Style' Collective, we want to see some of your best hair hacks. Whether it's a fancy up-do or a tousled bed hair look, you need to show us how to do it in under 20 secs 👌

Think bitesize pearls of hair wisdom and you'll be on the right track!

And to sweeten the deal we're going to pay you £75 for your content!

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If you have any questions, you can talk to me! 07749933400


What to do

Make 2 hairspiration videos, each showing a different style of your choice, being sure to remember these main points:

  • We need to know how you achieved your style so make sure the crucial steps are clear and aren't too fast!
  • Give us time to see the finished do in full, you may need to turn around too.
  • Keep it landscape but stay in the centre at good distance from camera- just below your shoulders is usually a good cut off point 😉 (This is because we might have to crop the video later for square or vertical!)
  • Think about your video as a whole that means keeping the background clutter free and make sure your nails are close up ready!
  • Be happy and confident in front of camera (as a tip, sitting down can make you look more natural and comfortable 😊 ).
  • Lighting is super important and can take your vid all the way from amateur to pro!

Instructions can be important so if you've got tips to go along with your video you have two options:

  1. If you're confident with editing, add a text overlay with simple captions to help explain what you're doing - the first inspo vid is the perfect example of how to add captions!
    If you do this, make sure to send us over 1 clean version and 1 version with text on so that we can see both options.
  2. If you're not so confident, no worries! Just send us a list of the tips, and we'll put them in for you.


We're creating a consistent feel to all of our videos and the key colour is the dusty pink you'll see just above and below this text, your challenge is do channel this colour through your video. It could be the colour of your nails, your top or some subtle cushions in the background. 

The main thing is just hinting at this colour and not letting it overpower the video. How will you sneak it in?  

Inspiration Videos

Think Fun, Inspiring, Clear, Informative, Bitesize 

The perfect example of captions!

Wonderfully simple and easy to follow


Quick Tips

1. Keep it simple

Make sure that your backdrop is plain, light and clutter free. The camera should be focused just on you as we don't want any distractions!

2. Give us a smile!

It's really important to keep your vids happy and dynamic, it's far more enjoyable to watch someone who loves what they're doing. 

3. It's all in the detail

We want to be able to copy your look so make sure that you don't speed past the important bits. Taking a couple of seconds to show your progress and technique is an absolute must! 

4. Step into the light

Home videos are perfect for this brief but don't forget your lighting. Natural light is always a winner but if thats not an option, you might need to gather a few lamps together!


  • Keep your background simple so as not to distract from the action.
  • Think about where you put your mirror and where your eye line goes when you look into it.
  • No need to record sound, just add instructions as text overlays or let us know what instructions you'd like. But always send us the original version too! 
  • All content should be your own (no stock footage or Bieber tunes!)
  • For music, just grab a preview download from PremiumBeat. Let us know the name of the track and we'll license for you.
  • Once we've given you the all clear then by all means, use the vids on your channel!

If you have any questions, you can talk to me! 07749933400

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