The US elections provided an exciting opportunity for The Guardian and Vidsy to team up and turn the latest news headlines into highly visual, thumb-stopping videos at scale and in real time!

The aim was to create video that would capture millennials attention on Facebook and drive engagement for Guardian’s editorial coverage during the final week of the US election. 


Guardian journalists wrote relevant articles around the latest news headlines and via the Vidsy platform selected creators would visualise these headlines into short-form video to be distributed through Facebook. 

35+ videos over the 5 day period were created in real time through the Vidsy platform, driving engagement, conversation and awareness around the US elections with the targeted millennial audience.  

Brand Identity at Scale

A key goal of the campaign was to ensure all video adhered to The Guardian’s brand identity and guidelines. To ensure this, Vidsy first on-boarded The Guardian team onto the platform and digested their visual identity, brand guidelines and strategy. 

From this Vidsy was able to build a unique video creation framework that enabled multiple creators from Vidsy’s motion graphics community to produce video at scale that all remained within The Guardian’s unique brand tone and identity.

Real-Time Video Creation

Our innovative creation process enabled The Guardian to turn around highly reactive, original video for continually emerging news headlines during the US election period.

Vidsy’s tech and platform streamlined the entire video workflow, enabling streams of video content to be created in real-time, approved and then pushed directly to Facebook for distribution. 

Insights and analytics were also analysed in real time using the Vidsy platform and utilised to continually adapt and tweak video creative as the US election coverage continued to unfold. 


  • 35+ videos in 5 days
  • Original video created in real-time and pushed directly to Facebook
  • Creative tweaks and optimisation based on video data
  • 10x increase in video production with no additional operation resources required