Vidsy + Gousto


During this campaign you supported 10 UK creators who created to 14 pieces of content. 

If you have any questions about the content or issues please contact

Content approach: 

Whilst there are a heap of great values that the Gousto offering brings we focused on one core message per piece of creative. We centred our content around focusing on the core areas that relate to the intended user.

Convenience - Everything you need delivered to your door any day of the week

Health - Fresh, wholesome ingredients

Adventure - 20 recipes to choose from each week 

We wanted to ensure that the style was consistent across all of the content and all copy is subject to change pending your approval. 


Bright colourful and fast paced. We've used the best practice of getting to the point quickly and smoothly. 

We wanted the videos to be visually stimulating but also exciting for the intended viewership. 


  • Ingredients - Focusing on the fact that you get just the right amount of everything you need
  • Meals - Highlighting recipe cards and the simple process to follow
  • Variety - 20 different recipes up for grabs every week.

Social elements: 

  • Emojis to bring in colour 😍 and draw the eye 👇
  • Fast paced messaging
  • Constant movement
  • Brand colours throughout content

Social Mockup

Click the mockup below to view an example of the content within your mobile device.