We're addicted to content. You're addicted to making it.

We can't get enough content, and we think you guys are the best damn creators out there. So, we want to fund your creativity! 

We’re putting a percentage of every project into VIDSY LABS to commission creators to develop their short-form video ideas. Boom.

Fuelled by passion. Created by you. Funded by Vidsy.

Created by you. Consumed by others. Funded by Vidsy!


How it Works


Pitch / Create
Think of an idea for a video series/channel and pitch it to us

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Create / Produce
If commissioned, work with Vidsy to develop and create your work

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Release / Consume!
Go live and entertain the world - everyone wins



What we're looking for!

Original ideas and engaging concepts (You must be an active Vidsy community member to pitch)

Short form video content (i.e max 30 sec videos ) that can be turned into an ongoing series or channel.

Content that works for either Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat.


What we're offering!

Work with Vidsy's internal creative team to get your idea working???

Resources to fund your idea

Have the entire Vidsy community collaborating on your idea with you

Current Channels

Some channels and series we're already working on!


You Need This
A video channel for all those funky items that you just end up needing!

Travel 5.jpg

A video channel for travellers who want to know the top 5 things to do wherever, whenever