+ How do I upload my videos?

Every brief page has access to the video uploader. You can also find the link here.

+ Can I add effects and overlays to my content?

If you are working on a Brand Brief or Squad Brief, we ask that you don't add any overlays, effects or funky transitions into your content. This is because we need a level of consistency across the look and feel of all creators' videos - to achieve this, we add brand approved overlays on at Vidsy HQ to tie all the content together.

+ What’s happening with my videos now I’ve sent them to you?

Once you’ve uploaded your content a lot goes on at Vidsy HQ behind the scenes. We check through all the content, make minor edits, edit captions, add overlays, present to the client, check through their selections, assign bonuses and get you creators paid! After that we then chase up new clients to make sure we have new creative briefs to get your teeth into.

+ Where is my content? How can I see it?

After uploading your videos you will find them in the Submitted Videos tab of your profile which only you have access to.

Videos that are shortlisted by the client will then be added to your public portfolio.

+ How can I see how well my videos did?

This is coming soon! If your video is used by a brand we will be soon sharing the exact stats with you so you can see how it performed. 0 to 1 million views in no time at all!

+ Can I post my videos on my own social media?

Any video that is visible to the public in your portfolio can be shared. If you want to double check be sure to send us an email.

+ What happens to my videos if the brand doesn’t use them?

Since starting we’ve been building up a big old bank of great Vidsy content. If we ever come across a brand that we think could make good use of your content we will be sure to let them and yourselves know.