+ What is a Performer Release?

A Performer Release has to be signed by everyone that features in your content. This is so we can make sure that they gave their permission and understood what the content was being used for.

You can download a specific release from the brief page of each project but just incase you need it, you can also download a blank one here

+ What is a Property Release?

A Property Release has to be signed for any private locations that you feature in your content. This could be anything from a shop or restaurant to private land such as a park. We need this is to ensure that the owner has given their permission for filming and understood what the content was being used for.

If you are filming in any private locations, you can download a blank release form here

+ What is an NDA?

An NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement 🙊) is used to make sure that you don’t talk in person or on social media about the project/product until after it has been released. These aren’t required for every brief but if they are, it means we get access to brand new products before the general public!