+ Will I definitely get paid?

If you are accepted onto a Brand Brief and complete it as outlined then you will be paid. The payments vary from brief to brief dependent on the content that is required but you can always find the creative payment on the brief page.

+ What decides how much I am paid?

Every creator that completes a Brand Brief they will receive the fixed payment for their content (see above) as well as having the opportunity to earn a bonus.

Bonus payments are based on the quality of the content compared to the other creators collaborating on that brief.

+ When will I get paid?

We try to pay our creators ASAP so you can get to spending your sweet cash! We aim to pay out every brief 30 days after the deadline. If this time is likely to change we will let you know.

+ How can I see what I've been paid?

You can see all pending and previous payments in the Payments tab on your profile.