+ Why have I not been accepted onto a brief?

The Vidsy creator community is full of different skills, styles and talents. We aim to pick the best suited creators for each brief whilst also making sure that we are constantly allowing for new creators to show off their talents.

If you want to impress us, make sure that you portfolio link is up to date with your best content and use the opportunity of Vidsy Briefs to show off your short form skills.

+ Why is this project not like the last one?

We’re always trying to keep things fresh at Vidsy so no two briefs are the same! Because of this, it’s important to always read the brief to make sure that you are meeting the requirements. If content does not match what is required in the brief, you risk having to reshoot or not getting paid.

+ How many videos are needed?

The requirements for each project are very specific therefore you need to make sure you check the brief specification to ensure you’re submitting the right number of videos. Submitting more videos is always acceptable but less will result in no payment and not being selected for future briefs.

+ How definite is the deadline?

We work to a tight at Vidsy HQ in order to give you as much time as possible to create. Because of this, it’s super important that you make sure you stick to the deadline.If you are having issues with the time frame then let us know as soon as possible; once the deadline lapses you will not be able to upload your videos.

+ What should I do if I’m unable to submit videos by the deadline, will I be unable to work with Vidsy again?

We’re creators just like you and we appreciate that mistakes, accidents and emergencies can happen. The most important thing is that you let us know if you are having any issues, we can then work with you to find a solution.

+ Where will my content end up? Will I be told when the campaign is going live?

This depends on the brief but most content from a Brand Brief is destined for social media. If your content is selected, the brand can use it in a variety of different ways. Soon we’ll be sharing data insights with you so you can see exactly how many people watched and engaged with your content.

We also post some of the best content on the Discover Feed on the platform so keep an eye out for your content there!