Vidsy + Facebook SMB


During this campaign you supported 30 UK creators.

If you have any questions about the content please contact

The Creative Articulation

For this campaign our aim was to create some intriguing fast paced social content from the assets captured by the W+K team during the print shoot during Q4 2017. 

For this first phase we are focusing on two businesses which are Goodordering and Riverford. 


  • Email 
    • Riverford Options
    • Goodordering Options
  • FB/IG in feed + Link
    • Copyless Versions
    • Short Copy
    • Long Copy
    • LGTW Options 
  • IG Stories
    • Copyless Versions
    • Light Copy Versions

Social Elements

  • Quick message
    Proposition explained within 5 secs 

  • Optimised for sound off
    Message understood without the use of voice over

  • Strong brand association
    FB colours and branding

Branding and overlays 

We've shared several variants to allow flexibility for copy but also open up the opportunity for testing and ensuring that the content feels on-brand. 

The Content

Below you'll find a selection of content across all the deliverables. 

Facebook Ad Mockup

Below we have shared some examples of the ads with existing captions shared via Amy. 



Click the above mockup to see an example within Facebook


  • Let's Get To Work: How do we want this presented? All caps, title case, sentence case?

  • Headlines vs. Headline Labels: Are we able to be flexible on branding to increase legibility, who do we need sign off from and what are the options?

  • Emails: We're going to mockup with all the elements that we discussed so we can always tone it back if needed. 

  • Existing Assets: Do we need to tie into any existing assets from a branding POV or is there anything we are missing?

  • Selections: Keen to know your selections when ready. Bare in mind that we will likely follow the same framework for phase 2 and 3 for consistency and recall. 

If you have any questions about the content please contact