Vidsy + EBAY


During this campaign you supported 18 UK creators who created to 21 pieces of content. 

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Social constructs:

Quick to understand - Visual story that quickly gets across the message

Sound matters - Sound used as a value add and full story 

On the go content - All video optimised for social and under 10 secs

Attention grabbing - Impactful opening frames which feel native to the platform

Part 1 'Embaressing Moments': 

Sometimes people need to think about the others in our lives who may notice things that we’re totally oblivious of. 

Purpose: Getting viewers to think outside of the box and consider how their peers would perceive the items in their home.

Objective: Awareness and brand consideration.  

Message: Time to upgrade?

Part 2 'Time to upgrade!':

Sometimes the things we own can make us a little bit grossed out. In this execution we show the happiness people feel when they get something new!

Purpose: Connecting the exciting emotion of getting something new with the Ebay Kleinanzeigen brand.

Objective: Awareness and brand consideration.  

Message: Time to upgrade yet?