EASYJET Destination Videos.

Content Style & Range

Range of Content: We can create content in all formats - Square, Landscape, Portrait

Length of Content: 10-15 second highly visual engaging videos (4-5 videos per destination on different aspects)

People in Content: We can create destination content that have people in the video and other's which purely show the destination/locations only (i.e no people within the content)

Styling: Use EasyJet branding and styling to provide cool overlays and end slates - to bring in a common theme amongst the content.

Example Destination Style Videos


We would be able to manage all aspects of the video production. To undertake the project at scale we would just need to confirm the style of video Easyjet would like, any branding requirements and the destinations we would need to send our creators.

We would undertake 1 location first and confirm that Easyjet was happy with the content. We would then scale up the same process to all the destinations using our tech and creators.

Online Destination Guides

Use videos to provide snackable engaging content to support destination guide info. Here are some examples of how you could use video on the website alongside video on social channels etc. Note these are simple examples of how video could be used.