This is a demo/explanation brief.

We collaborate with the client to translate their idea into a brief our creators will easily understand - ensuring the best content is delivered.

The Challenge

  • This is the section we use to provide a topline level understanding of the challenge/brief. 
  • We provide the key themes and tones for the idea for the concept.

Remember that the tone of this brief is directed at creators - thus the language and explanations used are to ensure they understand the brief.

Vidsy undertake this translation to ensure we get the best creative output and videos that match the clients expectations. i.e we understand how creators interpret briefs and create.

What to do

This is basically the instructions and method for creation - this is how we push creators down a funnel to produce the exact content we want from them.

  • The number of videos required
  • The length of the videos
  • The platform content will be going on
  • The format of the content (portrait, square, landscape)
  • Key targets and objectives for the content - any particular passion points, how to bring context to the audience we are targeting

NOTE: We combine this briefing page with additional communications through email and messaging. Our creators can easily and quickly ask us questions anytime during the challenge period.

Inspiration ViSUALS


Tech Specs

  • Any Specific Tech Specs for this project
  • Video Formats etc

Quick Tips

This is where we remind and highlight the key aspects and considerations the creators must take. If the project is part of Evolve this is where key learnings are pushed to the creators.

For example; Tone, Styles, Details.

1. EG Keep it fun

Details about key point


2. EG Focus on details

Details about key point

3. EG Show us the experience

Details about key point

4. EG Mix up the people

Details about key point


This is where we remind creators of mandatory aspects that must be undertaken/avoided.

  • For example; no references to competitors, no gambling references etc etc

The Legal Stuff...

This challenge is subject to Vidsy terms & privacy policy