Grooming is…

To celebrate Men's grooming day Lynx set out to feature a range of grooming routines from real guys. With a short turnaround and needing a diverse range of video content quickly, Vidsy was challenged to create bespoke 5 second videos showcasing a variety of guys and their unique grooming styles.



In 72 hours the Vidsy community had produced over 70 videos around grooming techniques with a diverse range of styles; from beard trimming to facial steaming and moisturising.

Harnessing the power of our innovative production process TMW Unlimited were able to create a unique montage video to drive engagement for Lynx via twitter channels.



The Lynx “Grooming is… What you make it…” video outperformed view rate KPI by 3x. Exceeding previous KPI’s for video posts across the brand.


Vidsy Creators

Alex, Alex, Aun, Ben, Chris, Craig, Cru, Harvey, Jack, Jame, James, Jed, Joseff, Luke, Olaf, Paul, Rob and Toby


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