Cornetto in collaboration with TMW approached Vidsy to connect with teens through new media that is so central to their lives. By using 6 second videos and utilising social media we were able to turn awkward moments of love into something funny and engaging.



The Vidsy community produced a series of 6 second videos around ‘breaking the ice’ and Cornetto’s theme of #Dare2Win, with selected videos used throughout the Summer campaign. 

Video content was pushed through a weekly retweet competition providing a highly visual and engaging way for visitors to spread the campaign message and interact with Cornetto.



Overall the 12 videos used during the campaign had an average engagement rate of 12.05% and over 3.4mil impressions and 7,315 retweets. 

Engagement rates increased over time showing the power of having fresh content throughout the campaign and a consistent presence in the digital space. 

71% of visitors were new, highlighting that short form video is a powerful medium for engagement online.



Alex, Ben, Callum, Chris, Chris, Connor, Craig, Daniel, Henry, Isabelle, James, Jon, Kelly, Kostie, Mahmut, Matt, Nuveen, Olaf, Rarin, Rob, Sara, Teph, Tanya, Vanessa and Will