Vodafone (Always-on video strategy)

Vodafone partnered with Vidsy to drive an always-on video strategy around handset releases. Vodafone maximised brand relevance and awareness by creating constant streams of fresh video to engage their audiences on mobile and social.

The Guardian (Real-time video creation)

The US elections provided an exciting opportunity for The Guardian and Vidsy to team up and turn the latest news headlines into highly visual, thumb-stopping videos at scale and in real time!


Vodafone (Brand Identity at scale)

Vodafone collaborated with Vidsy to create streams of mobile optimised video to bring their #30DayYay message to life across Facebook and various social platforms. Videos not only outperformed all benchmarks for video creative on social and mobile platforms, but also drove an increase in video views, reach and increased their return on ad spend.

Unilever - Simple (Creative Diversity)

Simple wanted to create content that would connect with and inspire their audiences, rather than produce a typical product demo video. They partnered with Vidsy to create an always on stream of ‘thumb stopping’ videos to engage their audiences on mobile and social.