The Challenge

We all use data everyday, but when we go over our limit we can be in for a shock when the bill comes in! Creators were challenged to create content showing what happens when you have too much data 👍 or too little 😖



Vidsy Picks

The selfie queen can snap for days with her #SuperMega deal.

Remember how it feels to run out of data? #SuperMega

When that phone bill weighs over you. Should have gone #SuperMega.

Over your data again? Well, there goes this month's paycheck. Should have gone #SuperMega!

He went #SuperMega so he can tether for days!

Opening the mobile bill only to find you've gone way over... #SuperMega

Your day was going so well... until you saw that phone bill. #SuperMega

If you've got no data then your phone's well rubbish! #SuperMega