Creators Of Vidsy - Tortor


Meet Tortor.

Animation Queen

Tortor is an animator who loves approaching challenges in unique and unconventional ways. She believes embracing your quirk, working backwards, and learning to be yourself is the best way to craft amazing stories!

A quick chat...

How do you create interesting stories in just a few seconds?

I think it’s through a lot of people-watching more than anything. I pick up things without even knowing. I am constantly self-critiquing my own work. I put myself in the viewers shoes and think really hard about what would be engaging and entertaining to watch.


What, to you, makes a good story?

Finding a strong structure has always been a problem for me, I think my dyslexia has played a part in that, but now I just embrace my quirky way of looking at and comprehending things. Learn to be you, and don’t try to do what other's have done. Let them influence you, but put your own spin on things.


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