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Meet Mahmut.

Master Storyteller

Mahmut has been crafting stories all his life. He enjoys building relatable characters by connecting with universal truths. By cutting out fluff, Mahmut focuses on great ideas and engaging stories!

A quick chat...

When did you first start making videos?

With a miniDV camera and my friends in secondary school. Our video involved toy spaceships, a vacuum cleaner as an alien life form, and a Microsoft Windows screensaver acting as the stars we were traveling past in our spaceship (aka my friend’s mum’s bedroom). Why? Because our amazing sci-fi stories had to be told at the time.


What’s the best way to build a story?

I think a good story is one that portrays truth. What I mean by truth isn't 'actuality', it doesn't have to feel like a documentary. Truth for me are elements of life that we can relate to. Work, relationships, life, death. This also doesn't mean it has to be a drama - a sci-fi like Alien portrays truth by showing the characters not as 'spacemen' but as 'workers'. There's a scene where they discuss their financial problems and issues with their job - that's truth, so there's a stronger audience bond with them.


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