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Meet Ben.


Ben is a dancer, fitness instructor, and videographer who believes anything is possible. He’s determined not let anything to slow him down when it comes to creating!

A quick chat...

Where do you start when it comes to creating a new video?

The real and the surreal make a great story.  It should be real enough that you can relate to it and believe it (Billy Elliot being one of my favourite stories), but you can also make the surreal believable. I’m a big fan of fantasy and comedy and making that interesting and entertaining by taking people outside of the comfort zones.  Anything is possible! And fantasy is much more interesting than real life.


Do you ever struggle to come up with ideas?

Sometime it’s difficult having many ideas and managing to tackle them without being distracted.  I’ve learnt the power of ‘Just Do It’ recently.  That helps a lot. Then you can get onto the next project!


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