Vidsy helps Cornetto to #MakeAMove

Vidsy helps Cornetto to #MakeAMove

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        As part of an ongoing partnership with the Unilever Foundry, Vidsy powered Unilever’s ice cream brand, Cornetto, to produce fun and shareable video for social networks. The campaign leveraged Vidsy’s creator community who, in two weeks, produced 60 mobile-first videos in showcasing how to use Cornetto to make a move on someone you fancy.


       Sarah Atkins, Cornetto’s brand manager, says Vidsy “definitely delivered in terms of being real and authentic” and the metrics speak for itself. Vidsy’s videos outperformed those with brand-created content 3 times but also helped Cornetto growing its Twitter following by 80%.


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"The enthusiasm of young entrepreneurial people is second to none and we've learnt so much with Vidsy, specifically on digital" - Vasiliki Petrou, Unilever EVP


        Based on these results, Cornetto has since asked Vidsy to run two more mobile-first video campaigns that will be distributed globally throughout this year. If you’d like to know more on Vidsy and Cornetto, check out the Unilever Foundry’s video and learn why Vasiliki Petrou, Unilever’s Executive Vice President, thinks Vidsy is worth “a million dollars”.


Cornetto was looking for a new way to engage with millennials. Through The Unilever Foundry, Cornetto partnered with Vidsy, whose platform allows brands to tap into a new generation of creators. Here are the results.