9 Tips To Spark Creativity

There’s nothing more frustrating that sitting at your desk and trying to force inspiration... So we went out and sorted your problems!

Here are some Vidsy tips to get your creative juices flowing again.

Read Time: 6 mins

1. Get Outside


When you hit that wall you know you need to get outta there.

Go take a wander, see what’s going on in the outside world. It’ll help you relax, you might be inspired, and at the very least the fresh air will do you some good!

2. Get Collaborating


If you’re all out of ideas, why not get a friend in on the action? They might have that little insight you need to get you thinking, and the more friends you get involved, the more ideas you get. 

Creating is always more fun when you can bounce ideas around and even use each other skills to make your outcome more impressive.

3. Try A New Perspective


Why not try looking at your creative problem from another perspective? Try thinking how would a different audience interpret things, or how it would work with a different focus.

Don’t be afraid to go crazy and experiment! It might not be any good but maybe it’ll inspire you in a new direction. You can always submit a 'safer' video alongside one that's a bit more adventurous.

4. Write A List


Sometimes the problem isn’t that you have no ideas but just no good ones.

It can really help to get those ideas out of the way by simply writing them down. Challenge yourself to write a list of 20 or so ideas. They can be anything, the good the bad and the ugly!

This little task can help you flex those creative muscles and you’ll often find one idea sparks another and another and another…

5. Critique


Look at any ideas you’ve come up with, or even your past work and come up with two good and two bad things about.

You’ll come up with a list of what you’re good at and what you need to work on, this can be super useful to make sure you keep on improving.

6. Check Out Your Peers


Have a look at what your mates are doing! It’ll be sure to give you some inspiration, regardless of the different projects and disciplines.

Surrounding yourself with creativity of all genres will make you think differently about your own work and what is possible.

7. Start Small, Get Bigger


Just like Andrew’s beard, an idea can always grow.

It can be an absolute pain trying to communicate a complex idea simply, so start small and leave room for it to develop as you work and try things out.

We’ve found that a lot of the most effective ideas start from a very simple concept! 

8. Get In The Zone


Sometimes the key to success is to focus. Do whatever you need to do to shut down distractions, whether its turning your phone off, signing out of Facebook or just closing your door.

Then find a way to focus your mind, get that playlist going, write your to do list or grab a cuppa and zone on in.

9. Don't Be Precious


If you want to know if an idea is any good, share it around, see how it goes down with your friends and family.

If it doesn’t go well, you’ve just gotta face the facts and try again! There’s no point in pushing on with an idea that’s just not working.