8 Tips For Writing Killer Captions

Scrolling around on social media, you’ll see that your caption game has to be strong to compete with some of the witty banter out there.

So here’s our top tips on how to catapult your content onto the next level with a little clever captioning

1. Make It Relatable


I’m sure you’ve noticed the classic ‘that moment when…’ captions all over your newsfeed, that’s because a relatable moment is just so darn shareable! If you can bring context to your vid that’s gonna make everyone say ‘I’ve been there’ or ‘this is so you’, you’ve got all the makings of a viral vid 👍

2. Drive Engagement


Another way to vamp up those views and shares is the ‘Tag a mate who…’ tactic. People love to answer a question, share their thoughts or tag their friends so it’s great to encourage this as much as possible.

4. Bring In Context


Adding some current context to your caption can make your vid even more relevant and sharable. Maybe it’s a sporting event, a public holiday or even the weather ⛈☀️  If there’s something going on that everyone is talking about, then why not jump on the bandwagon!

4. Make It Funny


The best way to get a good reaction on social media is to make people lol, so get your head in the comedy game and hit us with some witty one-liners. 

5. Add Emojis 👌


Everyone loves a good emoji 😍 so throw one in whenever possible, they’ll be sure make your caption more eye catching and fun 😜 🙌

6. Keep It Short And Sweet


A caption is just a lead into the content, so try not to steal the limelight with an essay. As rule, try and keep it under 3 lines 😉

7. Add Hashtags


Make sure your hashtag game is strong! This can be a great way to add an extra cheeky bit of context or just a witty little nugget. 

8. Keep It PG


This is for a brand after all so if it isn't something you'd show your nan then it's not right for a brand. That means no swears, nothing rude and nothing political either✌️

Now you're a caption pro, why not show off your new skills!