8 Tips To Vamp Up Your How-To Vids

Being a style icon isn't always as easy as it looks right?

That why we've collected a list of 8 things to remember when creating your how-to vid so all you need to focus on is your killer look.

Read Time: 5 mins

1. Flash Us Smile!


Just like Miley you've gotta give us a flash of those pearly whites. '

Don't be afraid to have some fun with your vid, show your personality and let us see how much you love what you do!

2. It's All In The Detail


Don't forget that's its not just your hair and make up on show here... its everything!

Let's get those nails on point, those killer outfits on and those bedrooms backdrops worthy of a lifestyle magazine! 

3. Confidence Is Key


Don't be afraid to strut your stuff! 

We're hanging on your every word so we've gotta believe you know what you're doing. We all know you've got it, so flaunt it girl! 💁

4. Own It


Where's the originality? Where's the creativity? What is it about your videos that make them different to all the other 'how to's' out there?

Whether it's your signature lippy or the banging tunes, let us see your personality shining through.

5. No Distractions

giphy (5).gif

We want to keep all eyes on what's important...you!

Make sure that your background in clean, simple and light so that it can show you off at your best.  

6. Light It Up


Good lighting has the power to take your vid from dull to dayum! So it's worth taking the time to get it right. Natural light is always a winner but if you've gotta go artificial then it's all about balance.

Light up your face from the left and right, (slightly) above is always better and be sure that your background isn't too dark 🔦

7. You Did What?!


We're talking how-tos after all, so you need to make sure we can follow what you're doing. Speeding up sections is great but make sure you slow it down at the crucial steps!

A great test is to ask a friend to follow your tutorial and see what their results are... 

8. Give Us A Twirl


Once all the hard work is over, remember to take your moment in the spotlight! 

Think about that money shot to show off all you've achieved, it could be a close up, a turn or a full length view.

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